Bonnie Fortune & Brett Bloom


Bonnie Fortune and Brett Bloom are collaborators working together on artistic research projects around ecology and habitat. Fortune and Bloom have completed numerous projects dealing with urban habitat and urban ecology, including projects for the city of Urbana, Illinois and public art works in Copenhagen, Denmark. They both write regularly on topics of art and ecology.

Brett Bloom is an artist, activist, writer and publisher based in Copenhagen. He works mainly in collaborative groups and situations, often dealing with ecological issues. Bloom co-edited the double-book Belltown Paradise / Making Their Own Plans (WhiteWalls, 2004), which profiles long term neighborhood efforts in 5 cities in order to preserve open spaces, build sustainable city infrastructures, and create new public spaces. In the summer of 2015, Bloom will coordinate two long and intensive training sessions as part of a multi-year effort called Breakdown Break Down in London and rural Scotland that aim at the mobilizing for an articulation and construction of a civil culture to prepare for and survive climate chaos and breakdown. One key goal is to generate new stories that replace western petro-subjectivity, our industrialized sense of self and place, with other narratives and possibilities.

Bonnie Fortune is an artist and writer whose work looks at ecology–social and environmental–and the communication of affect. Fortune recently edited „An Edge Effect: Art & Ecology in the Nordic Landscape“. The book is focusing on artists and arts groups who are working in expanded ways, connecting with others via interdisciplinary and discursive modes of artistic practice. The artists are conducting their own research into plant breeding, bio-diversity, and bio-remediation. They are saving seeds, composting, and collaborating in the field. The artists in this book are above all responding to the rapid changes that are occurring in our anthropogenic era.