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fatkoehl architects have been involved in designing a special structure for the Neighborhood Academy since 2013. They develop and build architectural spaces for interaction and diversity. An example of such a model, is the imbaueinbau a nine-piece wooden construction made for the Überlebenskunst-Festival in Haus der Kulturen der Welt. This structure was later transferred to the airfield of the former Tempelhof Airport. Fatkoehl has also planned one of the three buildings for the joint building venture at Spreefeld.

Baugenossenschaft auf dem Spreefeld

Joint building ventrue at Spreefeld, Berlin

The office was founded by Florian Köhl in 2002. The reason for choosing Berlin for the office was the state of transformation of the formerly divided city and with it, the associated potential for experimental models of architectural development. In 2003, fatkoehl founded the first joint building venture in the city, and for this, were awarded with the Architekturpreis Berlin in 2009. Parallel, Florian Köhl together with a group of architects founded the Network for Berliner Joint Building Ventures (NBBA), to be able to develop larger housing projects. One result of this is the first jointly build housing estate in Berlin-Friedrichshein. Furthermore, apart from other housing project, they also managed other models of architectural development as well as exhibitions and publications.

Florian Köhl has taught for several years at the Technical University Berlin and at the Bartlett School of Architecture and Urban Design London . He is on the board of the Network for Berliner Joint Building Ventures (NBBA). he is also co-founder of Team Eleven and Instant City working on the topic of critical urban development.

fatkoehl has accompanied the development of the idea of an architectural structure for the Neighborhood Academy since 2013. The Arbour in Prinzessinnengarten is the outcome of this process and will become a vertically growing community garden and a platform for public events, studios, work- and talk-shops. During construction workshops held by the Neighborhood Academy, the first nucleus of the structure will be finished at the end of summer 2015.

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